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If you live in Mexico you can use this site to register and order.
If you are in another Central or South American Country you will need to register on the Mexican site, HOWEVER; until we open in your country, you will not be able to order products. YOU CAN start your network by signing up others under you.


Si vive en México, puede usar este sitio para registrarse y realizar pedidos. Si se encuentra en otro país de América Central o del Sur, deberá registrarse en el sitio mexicano, SIN EMBARGO; hasta que abramos en su país, no podrá pedir productos. PUEDE iniciar su red suscribiendo a otros que están debajo de usted.



Visit Mexico Atomy as my Guest

1. Go to
2. Click LogIn
3. Enter ID: 13903389
4. Password: 123456
You can now browse the site and see all of the products.
If you would like to join for free while signed in; go back to the ATOMY Tab. You can now skip to #2 and follow instructions below.

       To register yourself on Atomy: (MUST BE REGISTERED TO ORDER PRODUCTS)
1. Go to
2. Click on “Join Us
Enter ID: 13903389
Enter Password: 123456

3. Follow Instructions.  Fill out your personal information.
You will need to create your own password. When it ask for guest password

(I recommend 123456). Click on “Next”.
(Guest password is for you to share with others to direct them to our website so they can see the member price.)

You will need to Enter sponsor ID (This will be given to you by the person who referred you or you can call, text or email me to request the id), click on ‘search’. The name of the person will be populated. (THIS COULD BE DIFFERENT FROM THE PERSON WHO REFERRED YOU, and THAT IS OK)
Click on ‘Confirm’.

8. Please make sure all your information is correct.

9, Registration completed. Write down your member ID and password. You will receive the confirmation email from Atomy.

** Once you are a member, use your ID and password to Login.
Contact Michael Chapman at: 704 219-2484 (call or text)  for questions


DISCLAIMER: This site is the personal site of Michael and Kathy Chapman. The views expressed on this page are that of Michael and Kathy Chapman and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any other agency, organization, employer or company.

Please consult with your Doctor if you have any health concerns. 

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