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Fulfilling you financial goals to enjoy life in its fullest with your family and friends.

When you think of MLM,

you normally think of Amway and the three circle meetings.

Did you know that these companies have also been successful MLM companies?

Avon / Tupperware / Mary Kay / Shaklee / Cutco Cutlery /Legal Shield

Pampered Chef / Princess House.

Many of these products that you've commonly used in your home.

Multi Level Marketing is simply people telling other people about their products.

What gives MLM companies a BAD name?

1) Joining Fees  ( Many companies push signing up people vs using great products. The person who signs a person up and their up-line profit from those fees )

2) Monthly Minimums ( Many companies require a minimum monthly purchase for you to be eligible for being paid. In many cases you are just stocking up on products that someone up the line will profit from )

3) Purchase Starter Levels ( Many companies encourage you to purchases packages to advance in possible benefits. The only people that benefit from this is your up-line splitting up their bonuses from your purchase )

4) No discount or profit on your purchases. ( With most companies, you do NOT earn any profit from your personal purchases.

5) Yearly Renewal Fees  ( Most companies require a fee due every year no matter how much you have purchased throughout the year. )

Why I Chose ATOMY

1) NO Joining Fees  ( ATOMY has over 200 GREAT products that are commonly used in YOUR home. We grow by telling others what we use and how we love these products. Absolute Quality products at an Absolute Price. )

2) NO Monthly Minimums ( You purchase what products you need, when you need them We also offer FREE shipping on orders over $150.00 )

3) NO Purchasing Levels ( As your-down line network grows, so do your benefits and earnings )

4) You are allowed to put YOUR personal product purchases under your down-line members helping them with their personal volume AND it allows you more group points on which you get paid.

5) The requirement for you to maintain your membership and to continue to be paid is for you to purchase ONE product per year.  ( This can be ONE bottle of Hand Soap for $3.50 )

6) Product Satisfaction is GUARANTEED! You may return any product within 30 days of purchase for a credit OR full refund.

If you are new to MLM, PLEASE don't be overwhelmed.
Your first step is to JUST TRY THE PRODUCTS.

When you see how great the products are; THEN, if you wish,

I'll help you get started.  Just start telling others about ATOMY Products. If you just want to use the products; GREAT!

Michael and Kathy Chapman 704-856-0025 home
704 2109-2484 cell
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