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You'll be paid CASH to be in our Dramatic Hair Makeover Video.

The longer your hair is, and the shorter you go, the more cash you are paid. We also pay for you getting some color.  FEMALES ONLY




Shaved Bald


You pick how short you'll go; we tell you how much we will pay. 
1) EMAIL us a current picture of your hair.
2) Tell us how short you are willing to go and if you want to be blonde.
3) Tell us what city you are closest to.
4) Tell us how soon you are wanting the makeover.

We will pay you a commission for referring other haircut participants.
Organize a Haircut Party!

“Ever since I shaved my head, I really bloomed,” said Alana Derksen, a 22-year-old Toronto resident, whose buzz cut frequently draws admiring comments from her more than 21,000 Instagram followers. “It’s given me this confidence I never had.”

As my hair dropped to the floor, and we went shorter and shorter with the clippers, I felt lighter, liberated, ecstatic.

It felt like an emboldening, a taking control of my identity, something anarchic and subversive in the face of a lifetime of Diet Coke, tea and early-to-bed. It also felt a bit brave, as if by doing it I could front away the fear of life without my crutch. In those early months, I felt raw, as if my skin had been removed, and having a shaved head somehow made me feel stronger.

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